Frequently asked questions

What specific services does Mozeka offer within the Life Science sector?

Mozeka provides a range of services including tailored Consultancy, targeted GMP Training, QC Laboratory Support, and a comprehensive Documentation Repository, all specifically designed for businesses in the Life Science sector that are operating in or looking to enter the GMP manufacturing space. These services aim to assist in areas such as compliance, process optimisation, and knowledge development and transfer.

How does Mozeka tailor its consultancy services to meet the needs of different businesses within Life Sciences?

Our consultancy services are customised to address each client’s unique challenges and requirements. We conduct thorough assessments to uncover specific needs, and then we deliver personalised strategies, ensuring a precise fit for their goals and industry nuances. We aim to partner with your business to support your specific development strategies. This support could range from assisting during the start-up phase (to allow more focus on day-to-day manufacturing operations), to offering a fresh perspective or a different training approach tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Can Mozeka provide examples of successful partnerships or projects within the industry?

Absolutely! We have collaborated with various Life Science organisations, aiding them in regulatory compliance, process optimisation, and successful transitions and ensuring their sustained growth and success. We can share specific case studies and success stories upon request, but high-level examples are as follows: 

  • We worked as a global lead investigator for a COVID vaccine manufacturer, coordinating communication between global manufacturing sites, upstream and downstream manufacturers, and parent company SMEs. Our role involved resolving complex analytical and technical issues, addressing conspiracy theory inquiries sent to health authorities, and managing routine GMP compliance issues and deviations.  
  • We collaborated with a new supplier in the VHP decontamination space to ensure their documentation met both regulatory standards and client requirements for working with GMP-compliant manufacturers. 
  • We managed the set-up of a QC laboratory function for a cell and gene therapy company. This is a complex project requiring the integration of multiple third-party support laboratories and an in-house QC function to execute all required testing. 
  • We provided Annex 1 update training to a global pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation.  
  • We provided QC Microbiology investigation training to a global pharmaceutical manufacturing organisation.  
  • We provided pharmaceutical microbiology training to multiple QP delegate trainee cohorts.
What sets Mozeka's training programs apart in the Life Science sector?

Our training programs combine industry expertise with innovative methodologies to ensure participants gain practical skills aligned with the latest regulatory standards and industry best practices. We focus on application-driven learning for immediate implementation within their organisations. 

How does Mozeka ensure compliance and regulatory adherence in its consultancy and support services?

Our team consists of experts who are well-versed and experienced in regulatory standards. We incorporate these standards into our tailored strategies to ensure that all recommendations, processes, and training align with the latest requirements. In addition, our team has individuals sitting on the management committees of global not-for-profit organisations whose sole purpose is to ensure regulatory updates are concisely and clearly communicated across the industry. In addition, the work we do exposes us to the latest industry best practices and ongoing regulatory training. We make an effort to attend industry-specific conferences to obtain diverse exposure to the latest thought leadership on hot topics.  

Can Mozeka assist in the transition from R&D to GMP compliance for biotech start-ups or established R&D organisations?

Absolutely! We specialise in aiding this transition. We focus on providing the necessary consultancy, training, and guidance to expedite this shift and ensure a smooth transition while maintaining compliance. Additionally, we emphasise knowledge transfer to ensure the partnership fosters improved compliance and builds your in-house team’s skill set.

What level of support does Mozeka's partnership laboratory offer during companies’ initial growth phases?

Our partnership laboratory is a supportive platform during the initial growth phases—we can fully onboard your QC testing requirements or can assist short-term with any of your time-critical needs. Our partnership plans provide vital assistance in refining strategies and optimising processes, complementing your business strategy development and testing. We can efficiently leverage economies of scale or provide testing with innovative analytical techniques to meet your manufacturing requirements.

How does Mozeka ensure knowledge transfer and continuity within its training and consultancy services?

Knowledge transfer is one of our service’s fundamental aspects. Our comprehensive training programs and hands-on consultancy facilitate the seamless transfer of critical skills and expertise, enabling clients to sustain operational continuity. We ensure practical application and absorption of training through our resource-rich courses, tailoring the knowledge transfer to suit organisational needs.

Can Mozeka assist in streamlining processes without disrupting established methodologies?

Absolutely! Our approach involves careful analysis and strategic implementation, allowing us to optimise processes while respecting and enhancing proven methods. This strategy ensures efficiency gains without disrupting established systems, fostering an efficient transition.

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