Partnering your Journey to QMS Success

About Company

Welcome to Mozeka, your go-to expert in training, consultancy, and QC Laboratory support, specifically designed for the Life Science sector.

With over twenty years of experience, we understand the complexities and compliance challenges in this fast-changing field. Our promise at Mozeka is to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your business, providing targeted support to meet your developmental goals. We’re committed to building collaborative relationships that drive your growth and success.

Services we provide

Galvanise your Life Science venture with Mozeka's comprehensive suite of services:

Unmatched Training:

Mozeka's training program reimagines skill development by integrating expertise with innovation. Our programs are designed to empower professionals in Quality, Regulatory Compliance, Auditing, and related fields.

Quality Consultancy:

Mozeka's precision-driven Quality Consultancy focuses on raising standards, guiding compliance, and facilitating seamless knowledge transfer across areas like Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Compliance, and more. 

Customised Onboarding:

Tailored to your unique organisational needs, Mozeka's comprehensive onboarding programs equip new talent to make an immediate contribution.

Laboratory Support:

As a collaborative partner, Mozeka provides laboratory support that guarantees precision, reliability, and compliance, ensuring seamless knowledge continuity in line with regulatory standards.

QMS Data Repository:

Explore Mozeka's Documentation Repository—a gateway to regulatory excellence and industry best practices that offers valuable resources for Life Science success.

Revolutionising Life Science:

Our Sectors

Tailored solutions for small and large molecule pharmaceutical, medical device, biologics, and cell & gene therapy manufacturers – Mozeka, your partner in quality life science solutions.

Small and Large Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Mozeka revitalises legacy pharmaceutical manufacturers with innovative, compliant strategies. Our aim is to enhance efficiency and compliance, securing lasting success in an evolving industry.

Biologics Manufacturing

Mozeka’s services for Biologics manufacturers encompass tailored consultancy, targeted training, and hands-on laboratory support. We empower organisations to effectively manage complex bioreactor systems and sensitive cell lines, ensuring precision, compliance, and sustainable success in this specialised field.

Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing:

We specialise in helping biotech start-ups transition to GMP compliance. Through tailored consultancy, targeted training, and support, we streamline market entry while ensuring strict compliance, staff development, and seamless knowledge transfer, thereby driving innovation and growth.

Medical Device Manufacturing

Mozeka offers strategic consulting and guidance to revitalise established processes without disrupting proven methods. Our partnership refines and innovates existing strategies for sustained success amid evolving regulatory landscapes.

Need any laboratory service or consultancy!

We invite you to contact our consultants, who are ready to advise on how our tailored solutions can benefit your team.